Am Dienstag, 11. Februar 2020, starb nach langer Krankheit im Alter von 46 Jahren Diakon Daniel Apas im Krankenhaus Angau Genera in Lae, Papua Neuguinea. Diakon Daniel wurde am 30. Juni 1973 auf der Insel Walis, Papua Neuguinea, geboren. Am 2. Februar 2000 legte er seine Erste Profess in der Gemeinschaft der Missionare von Mariannhill ab. Vier Jahre später wurde er zum Diakon geweiht. Möge er nun die Herrlichkeit Gottes unverhüllt schauen dürfen. R.I.P.

Pater Brian Nonde CMM schreibt über Diakon Apas folgendes: "Deacon Daniel Kwainymvu Apas was born on the 30th of May, 1973 in Kambilal villag in Walis Island, East Sepik Province. He was the third last born of the eleven children born of Mr. John Apas and Mrs. Maria Moinedan. He started his formal education in 1979 at Walis Community School and was the second best grade 6 student in 1985. 

Daniel grew up with a never give up attitude. His elder brother Mr. Steven Apas was at Tangugo Pastoral Center in Wewak training as a Catechist and was about to Lae. Daniel heard about it and told him that I am coming with you. His elder brother Mr. Steven told him that he had no enough money for both of them to travel, that it was not just possible. Instead of heading Daniel found a canoe which was half cracked and paddled into the mangrove to collect the dry coconut and make copra for sale so that he could raise a K20 transport fare. On 5th of December, 1985 Daniel came to Lae with his elder brother Steven Apas. 

In 1986 to 1987, Daniel helped by his cousin sister Mrs. Thomas continued with his grade seven and eight school studies at St. Michael’s Study Centre in Kamkumung; the building is now Centre of Mercy Clinic. After his studies at St. Michael’s study centre, he went to St. Joseph Catholic Technical School in 8mile. 

From 1988 to 1989, Daniel through distance learning completed his grade nine and ten. Then he worked first with KK Kingston, and later with Niuguini Class and Allium Company but slowly discovered that was not his place. He left and opted to be helping as server at Mass in St. Sebastian Parish, East Taraka. During this time Daniel came in contact with St. John of God Brothers and the late Bishop Christian Blouin CMM who was then a parish priest in Taraka. Contact with the late Bishop Christian made him discover his calling. 

In 1992, Daniel moved into the Mariannhill community located in China town here in Lae Diocese in order for him to discern his vocation to religious life.From 1994 to 1996 he at St. Fidelis College to prepare himself to start his priestly training with the Missionaries of Mariannhill. In 1997, he began his philosophical studies at Holy Spirit Seminary in Bomana – Port Moresby.

In 1999 Daniel Apas entered the novitiate in Mariannhill Monastery South Africa. Hemade his first profession on February 2, 2000 and became the first Papua New Guinean member of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill. After novitiate he went for theological studies at the Cedara Institute of Theology in Pietermaritzburg South 

In 2002, the House of Formation for the Missionaries of Mariannhill in Port Moresby was opened and Daniel was transferred back to Papua New Guinea to study at Bomana College (the Catholic Theological Institute). He quickly became the Vice-President of theStudents Representative Council and an editor of the students’ publication for Mariannhill College. During this same year, on 22 October, the Archbishop of Port Moresby, Brian Barns conferred the ministry of acolyte o n Daniel Apas along with the seminarians and students from other religious institutes at Bomana.

In 2003, Daniel Apas moved to Lae for his pastoral year. He worked with Fr.Alphonse Voorn at Holy Spirit Parish and w a s involved in many other pastoralactivities in the Diocese.

On February 2, 2004, Daniel made his final profession, and became the permanent member of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill.

On 9th October 2004, Daniel Apas was ordained deacon together with others by the auxiliary bishop of Port Moresby, Cherubim Dambui in the chapel at the Catholic Theological Institute in Bomana. Thus he became the first Mariannhill Papua New Guinean deacon.

In 2004 on 13th November, the newly ordained deacon Daniel graduated with a degree of Bachelors of Arts in Theology. As a deacon he first served at St. Mary's Cathedral in Top Town – Lae and then later served at St. Patrick's parish and St. Stevens. 

In 2008 on 23rd September, Deacon Daniel Apas was called to Rome for ongoing formation.After his experience in Rome, an administrative transfer of Deacon Daniel to the Zambian Province in African was issued in 2012 by the General Government of 
the Missionaries of Mariannhill but unfortunately the transfer did not materialize. 

In 2016 to 2017 Deacon Daniel was given an indult of exclaustration. While away on his spiritual discernment, Deacon Daniel Apas began facing health difficulties. His health continued to deteriorate and in November 2019, last year, Deacon Daniel was hospitalized first at Lae International Hospital and then later at Angau Memorial General Hospital as a terminally ill patient on medication. 

On 11th February 2020, at about 1:00PM Deacon Daniel breathed his last in the company of his nephew Joseph Apas at Angua Memorial General Hospital. 

We remember him as a first Papua New Guinean member of the Missionaries of Mariannhill. 
A deacon of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. 
A brother and a friend."

Compiled By Fr. Brian Nonde CMM